How can I improve my mental well-being?

10th August 2019

It’s extremely important to look after yourself, especially in todays day and age with pressures and triggers that didn’t used to exist.

Modern day pressures

The rise in popularity of social media over the past couple of decades has unintentionally increased anxiety, loneliness and the fear of missing out across the world’s population and in particular, younger people. Love it or not, social media has become a fundamental part of our lives and is to an extent unavoidable, but there are ways to help deal with this! With rising job pressures, it is key to try and identify what the triggers are, so that you can anticipate problems and think of ways around them.

Mental well-being affects the way we think, feel and behave and so affects our whole life. Having a healthy state of well-being will increase productivity and effectiveness in school and work, thus affecting your future. It can even improve your relationships and help you deal with problems life inevitably throws at you. We at the Scent Shop, have experienced ill mental health in the past and know first hand that it can be drastically improved by making a few simple changes.

Changes you can make

Talk about your feelings
Getting things off your chest and venting can really help clear your mind. Whether this is in person or on the internet, there are people who will listen and people who are struggling with similar problems.

Take a break off social media
Stop looking at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook every 5 minutes. Everybody shares the best moments in their life on social media and not the negative things. It is easy to get caught up and think everyone is having the perfect life, when in reality they’re struggling with the same things you might be, everybody has good and bad days and social media doesn’t reflect this well.

Meditate and be more aware of yourself through mindfulness
There is a misconception around meditation, it’s not just about sitting cross-legged and chanting ‘hmmm’, it’s about becooming aware of your thoughts, emotions and environment. We explain this in more detail in our ‘Top tips for Mindfulness’ blog post.

Eat healthy
Your brain needs a mix of nutrients in order to stay healthy and function properly. Physical and mental health go hand in hand, so finding a healthy diet will improve both.

Consistent exercise can help us concentrate, sleep and generally feel better. Give it a go and you will feel the results in no time.

Make time to switch off and unwind
Whether this is through meditation, lighting one of our candles, or taking a bath. Take some time out of your day to relax and unwind, even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Ask for help
Everybody at some point will have experienced some sort of mental health issue, we are not superhuman and it’s important to remember that. If you are feeling down and feel like you can’t cope, talk to someone and tell them how you feel. If your family or friends can’t help there are helplines, or even drop us a message on our contact form.

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