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Hi, we’re The Scent Shop!

A percentage of all our yearly profits are donated to charities supporting mental health.

We’re candle experts who have a real passion for scented candles and mental well-being.

Why we care

We believe that creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere and taking time out of your day to unwind can positively affect your mental well-being. We strongly believe that scented candles can help achieve this goal, because their fragrances help create a peaceful mind and can make you switch off after a busy or stressful day. Therefore, we created The Scent Shop with the full purpose of showcasing our favourite candles we have tried and tested over the years. We hope that people will achieve the same mental improvements we previously have, with the help from our candles.

In today’s world, mental health is incredibly important. Firstly, there are pressures that in the past, ceased to exist, such as the ever growing presence of social media. As a result of this, anxiety, loneliness and the fear of missing out has increased upon the general population. Subsequently, we need to acknowledge these facts and make changes to our every day lives and create time to gather our thoughts. Furthermore, we need to be talking more openly about the subject as there is a stigma around it.

We hope by sharing our knowledge on the subject, we can inspire mindfulness and improve your mental well-being.

Our candles

We stock candles that have beautifully designed jars and give off beautiful fragrances that will create a relaxing vibe in your home. Aside from this, our candles are eco friendly. This is due to the jars being specifically made to encourage you to reuse, recycle and rekindle them. Consequently the jars can be re-used in several different ways after the candles life has runs it cause. Examples of this are for housing plants, holding stationary or even putting your tea bags in!

We have 5 major candle ranges:


Each of these can bring a unique look and feel to any house and help you create a peaceful atmosphere to help you relax.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us at hello@thescentshopuk.com.

Our Featured Ranges

Each Scent Shop collection gives a unique look and feel to your home. From modern and earthy, to more vintage inspired vessels, there's a design suited for everyone. All ranges come with a diverse selection of scents and they all smell incredible.

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